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A Letter from the Editor:
Let me start by saying, I hope everyone is well and staying home and safe. This is the only way to "flatten the curve".
I thought for a while about content for this issue of the Patriot Press...should it be filled with news coverage on COVID-19?...no, it would be out of date by the hour...and no, the news coverage is making people anxious enough, we don't need to add to that energy...
So, this issue of the Patriot Press will be filled with good news, positive messages, ways to stay healthy, ways to check in on each other (virtually), student art, good music and interesting YouTube videos to make you smile. Please forgive our lack of hard hitting news at this time. We hope to see everyone again soon (IRL), and until then we are sending hugs from a socially appropriate distance. 
Mrs. DiOrio and the Patriot Press Staff

Thank you to all of our doctors and nurses, the grocery store workers restocking shelves and gas station attendants pumping gas, the EMTs, and all the front-line workers fighting against COVID-19.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s character Gandalf said, “I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay… small acts of kindness and love.” I’m making it a point these days to focus on all the “good news” reports that keep popping up amidst the “bad news”. These “ordinary folk” are everyday heroes. Their efforts bring the “brightness” we all need right now.

-Ms. Christine Candela

Secaucus Middle School Principal

Please remember to wash your hands!

If you do anything today...wash your hands and do your classwork...the marking period ends soon...


but then take a break and watch this video and SMILE!

Video edited by: Mr. Rob Valente, Huber Street Principal
Thank you Mr. Valente for putting this together and putting a smile on our faces!

"We often let ourselves become so preoccupied with the distractions of life that we lose sight of the moment. The current situation that we are faced with puts into perspective what is really important; health, family, friends, community, and selflessness.  It reinforces the need to find purpose in the everyday, minor things we so often take for granted. I am proud to work with so many staff members and students that have shown kindness, resilience and strength as we take on this challenge."

-Mr. Steve Viggiani

Secaucus High School Principal

"During these uncertain times, I am most grateful for my loving family. I appreciate the amount of time I have been able to spend with loved ones, free of distraction (since COVID-19 promotes social distancing). This pandemic has forced many of us to slow down and focus on a simpler way of life which in turn has strengthened relationships with loved ones."

-Mrs. Amanda Wargocki

Secaucus High School Vice Principal

"I’m grateful for the extra time with my family; getting to eat lunch together each day, working at the same table all day, and getting to watch how they work. Professionally, I get to witness some people go above and beyond. It’s been inspiring to watch. 

And oh yeah, I love that I’m with my dog each day. He’s the best!"

-Mr. Rob Valente

Huber Street School Principal

"I am grateful for health, family, kindness and life."


Health: To appreciate one's self and well being.

Family: To show our family how resilient we are.

Kindness: In the face of this crisis, people have come together to develop volunteer networks, create inspirational videos, and give one another messages of love.

Life: We have the ability to help save lives, just with the simple task of staying indoors.


-Dr. Danielle Garzon

Clarendon School Principal

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Student Typography Layout

By: Isabella Fayed

Student Typography Layout

By: Zach Naszimento

Student work from Mrs. DiOrio's Graphic Design Classes

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